Armed Forces Cup 2019 – Rules


Any PMGA member with a valid handicap may compete. Competitor is responsible for applicable green and cart fees. Veterans of any service branch may choose to play for that branch.  Participation in all four matches is also not a requirement.  Alternates will be utilized where possible; No military service required.  Non veterans will be placed in a lottery draft held after lunch on March 21 (the PMGA Opener) to determine their team/branch affiliation.  Sign-up for the event ends March 18th. Anyone that signs up after draft will be designated an alternate and play for any service branch needing players for a match. If a new Club Member of the PMGA wants to play for a service branch he served in, he may choose to play for that branch. Even if he signed-up after the draft.


Match Dates and Format:

Teams from Army Navy and Air Force and Marines will be competing against each other in a two man team match play format. Team captain shall decide who will be playing on each play date and the make-up of each two man team.  Three competitions will be taking place on March 28 – 2 man scramble, April 25 -alternate shot, May 16 – best ball,  Championship match and luncheon held on June 27 – 6 hole matches of best ball, alternate shot and 2 man scramble .

All four service branches will compete against each other on every play date.  Ex. Army vs Navy, Army vs Air Force,  Army vs Marines etc.

The number of matches competing against each other will be based on the number of players registered for each branch 3 days prior to competition. Every effort will be made to keep the same number of matches between each service branch for every play date. In some circumstances one service branch may play more matches with one service branch than another. Where ever possible, teams will flighted by handicap so that players of similar skill level will compete against each other.



All play is from gold tees.  A handicap system will be utilized for best ball play and an average handicap for two man teams competing in scramble and alternate shot competition. The two man team competition will be normal match play by hole.  One point for every hole won and one half point for every hole tied.For the first three competitions one point will be awarded for every two man team victory and one half point for any tie.  The championship match, all two man team victories receive two points and ties one point.  Service branch with the most points on a match date will be determined the winner for that date. In the case of a tie, the prize will be split between the two teams or four teams if all tie. Cumulative point total for all four matches will determine the winner of the Armed Forces Cup.  The normal $5 PMGA entre fee will apply for all matches . Championship lunch and beverage cost is approximately $15 (optional).

Team members not competing in a two man match (alternates) may play on the date of the competition with other alternates and compete for skilled prizes and team champion for that date. A $5 entry fee shall also be paid by the alternates.



A championship cup will be awarded to Service Branch season champion which will be displayed in the clubhouse.  Prizes will also be awarded for every play date. On each play date a $10 pro shop credit will be awarded to the player who comes closest to the pin on all par 3’s .The winning team/branch each play date will share a pro shop credit equal to the total of all entry fees ($5) collected that date from all players minus the $40 skilled prizes.  The total credit will be divided by the number of competitors and alternates playing that day on the winning team.  If a team member does not compete on a play date or pay the $5 entry fee they shall not share in any team winnings.


Team Captains: 

Navy Team Captain  –  Snuffy  Smith

Air Force Team Captain  –  Lance Smith

Army Team Captain  –  Jerry Rutherford

Marine Team Captain  –  Pete Nehlsen


Sign up starts Feb 1,2019 at the pro shop.  – A $10 entry fee to be paid upon sign up. All entry fees collected will be donated to the winning service branch chosen charity.