The PWGA Hole-in-One Club will run from January 1 to December 31 each calendar year.

The fee to participate is $10.00 and will be collected at the same time as annual dues and membership.

Any member of the PWGA Hole-In-One Club who has a hole-in-one will receive $100 at the time the Hole-In-One is accomplished.

At the end of the calendar year the remaining funds in the club will be distributed evenly among those who accomplished a hole-in-one.

Any remaining funds will be carried over to the Hole-In-One fund for the following year.

A Hole-In-One can be made on any day on either the Magnolia or Holly course, but must be witnessed by at least two additional people, one of whom may be a spouse.

The Hole-In-One money will be administered by the Treasurer and will not be co-mingled with any other PWGA monies.

A member making a hole-in-one is to notify the Publicity and the Treasurer. The treasurer will be responsible for disbursing prize money and keeping a list of members who have a hole-in-one during the year.