The Association shall be called the Pinewild Men’s Golf Association (“PMGA”) located at the Pinewild Country Club of Pinehurst, Pinehurst, North Carolina.

The objective of the Association shall be to foster and promote fellowship, sportsmanship and interest in golf at Pinewild Country Club.

All members of the Association must be members of Pinewild Country Club of Pinehurst. The membership year is from January 1 to December 31. The Executive Committee will establish annual dues. Dues are payable by check to “PMGA”. Membership may be revoked for cause.

The Executive Committee will consist of seven (7) elected members or their duly appointed replacements. This committee shall establish policy and procedures for the PMGA and carry out the objectives of the Association.
The functions of the Executive Committee assigned to individual members are as follows:

President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee. He is also an ex-officio member of all committees and is authorized to act as Treasurer when required. The President is the primary liaison of the Association with Pinewild Country Club and it’s Advisory Board. The President will attend meetings of the Golf Committee as requested by its Chair.

·        Update all written documentation.

·        Challenge Association with new ideas.

·        Keep Association current.

Vice President: In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall act as and perform the duties of the President.

·        New member welcome orientation.

·        Communication center management.

·        Audit chair.

·        Away game management.

Secretary: The Secretary shall record and keep the minutes of all meetings of the membership and Executive Committee, maintain minutes and supporting papers in a Minute Book, and perform all other duties that properly pertain to the position of Secretary. The minutes of PMGA meetings shall be available to the general membership.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall collect annual dues and other receipts and pay out the expenses of the Association, maintain and reconcile bank accounts, and report on the financial status of the Association at each meeting of the membership and the Executive Committee.

Publicity Chairman: The Publicity Chairman shall collect information about all significant PMGA events and write news releases, articles and other communications for publication. He shall assist the Tournament Chairman to advertise and promote scheduled events and publish the results of competitions, as they shall deem appropriate. The Publicity Chairman may form and administer a committee of volunteers.

Tournament & Rules Chairman: The Tournament & Rules Chairman shall determine and publish a calendar of special tournaments for each upcoming year. He shall form and administer Tournament Committees to conduct special tournaments, obtain Executive Committee approval for tournament budgets, and oversee each Tournament Committee in its conduct of a special tournament. The Tournament & Rules Chairman shall recommend to the Executive Committee Rules of Competition and the System of Awards for special tournaments. The Tournament & Rules Chairman shall decide questions and claims arising from all PMGA competitions.

Play Day Chairman: The Play Day Chairman shall determine and publish a “Game of the Day” calendar for each month at least two weeks in advance of each month, taking into consideration the qualifying requirements for league play. He shall administer a system to determine and publish pairings, monitor and discipline “late cancellations” and “no shows”. The Play Day Chairman shall recommend to the Executive Committee Rules of Competition (including Local Rules necessitated by course conditions) and the System of Awards for Play Days.

Any Officer may represent the Association at meetings of the Golf Committee at the direction of the President.

Members of the Executive Committee shall be elected at the annual meeting, each to serve a two-year term. Candidates for the Executive Committee must be members of the Association and residents of the Pinehurst area. To insure continuity, for even numbered years, four (4) members shall be elected; for odd numbered years, three (3) members shall be elected. Each member of the Association will be eligible to cast non-cumulative votes for as many candidates as the number of positions to be filled. Candidates receiving the most votes will win election to the Executive Committee. In the event of a tie for the last position to be filled, a runoff vote will be taken immediately among the members present to break the tie. In the event a tie still exists, the outgoing members of the Executive Committee shall break the tie.

As soon as practical after the election, the current President shall convene a meeting for the purpose of selecting a President for the up-coming year. The Executive Committee will select the President-designate. A member of the Executive Committee may serve as President in successive years.

The President-designate shall convene a transition meeting prior to year-end for the purpose of assigning positions to the remaining Executive Committee members and making a smooth transition of functional duties. To this end, the outgoing Treasurer will turn over the PMGA checkbooks, bank statements and a proper reconciliation thereof, together with the prior years’ financial statements and related material, to the incoming Treasurer and the minutes of this Transition Meeting shall record any discrepancies noted by the incoming Treasurer. The outgoing Secretary shall turn over the Minute Book to the incoming Secretary.

If a vacancy occurs for any reason during the year, the remaining members of the Executive Committee shall appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term. Any member missing three (3) consecutive meetings may be replaced at the discretion of the remaining members of the Executive Committee.

The President will create Standing Committees and appoint a committee chairman. Each such Committee shall consist of a chairman and other members appointed by the committee chairman to assist in carrying out the functions and duties of the committee.

The Handicap and Scoring Committee shall be a standing committee of the Association. The Handicap and Scoring Committee shall monitor member’s handicaps and audit scorecards for Association competitions. No function of this Committee shall duplicate functions performed by the Handicap Committee of Pinewild Country Club of Pinehurst.

A Nomination Committee, appointed annually by the Executive Committee, shall be composed of three (3) or more members. The Nomination Committee shall prepare a slate of candidates for the positions to be vacated the following year and present it to the Executive Committee for approval prior to the annual meeting and election. The Nominating Committee will be responsible for conducting the election.

Ad-Hoc committees may be appointed by the President from time to time to carry out activities of the Association. Ad-hoc committees not previously excused by the President shall be dissolved at the expiration of the President’s term.

The annual meeting of the membership shall be held during the month of November at a time and place designated by the President. The members of the Association shall elect members of the Executive Committee and conduct such other business as shall be properly brought before the meeting.

The Executive Committee may convene special meetings of the membership on fifteen (15) days notice.

A quorum will be obtained if thirty-three percent (33%) of the members are present in person, by absentee ballot or by proxy. Approval of proposals shall require an affirmative vote of a majority of the members voting.

Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held monthly or upon request of the President or three (3) members. A quorum will be obtained if a majority of the members are present. Meetings may be held by telecommunication. Approval of proposals shall require an affirmative vote of a majority of the members voting.

The rules contained in the current editions of ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER shall govern the Association in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these By-Laws.

Amendments to these By-Laws shall require a majority vote of the Executive Committee and a majority of the Association members voting at the meeting. Notice of the meeting and the text of the amendment(s) shall be posted at the clubhouse fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting.








The President shall preside and manage all meetings of the PMGA executive board. This person shall continually listen to the membership, club management and the PMGA executive committee to insure all PMGA programs are managed effectively and in the best spirit of the game of golf. Additionally the president should continually motivate members of the committee to strive for raising the level of interest for all members in the PMGA organization to help maintain and grow the membership.




·        Conducts Monthly meetings with the executive committee.


·        Prepares meeting agenda identifying all key topics and concerns of the membership a week prior to the meeting.


·      Ongoing reviews of all PMGA programs and attempts to make certain they are communicated timely and executed well. This also includes cost analysis for membership to participate in some events such as  Medal Series, Blazer, Holly Challenge, etc.


·        Insures that the minutes of the meetings are accurate and distributed to membership.


·     Conducts two annual meetings with the entire PMGA membership. Season opener and closer with the entire PMGA executive committee team.


·        Reviews and works with Treasurer to insure budgetary requirements are being met.


·        Interfaces with Club General Manger to insure PMGA programs work in harmony with club.


·        Interfaces with PWCC Advisory board to help facilitate PMGA programs.


·        Interfaces with PWGA president.


·        Reviews all key written material prior to its release to the membership.


·        Handles most communication questions and issues with membership via e-mail or phone.


·        Attempts to be an active participant in most PMGA events including Away Games and Interclub.


·        Attends Blazer and Holly Challenge final matches.


·        Post analysis of PMGA events (example Bashes) and determines if opportunities exist to improve.


·        Continually strives to develop improved communication with the membership via men’s locker room and electronically.






·        In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall act as and perform the duties of the President.


·        Maintain PMGA bulletin boards communication center in the men’s locker room.


·        Welcome and orient new members of the Pinewild Country Club to the PMGA.


·        Participate as a member of the PMGA Audit Committee working with the Secretary.


·        Responsible for setting up and organizing “Away Games” for PMGA members at various local golf courses.

o   Determines what the game is – Establishes Payout/prizes

o   Works with the host club to organize event.

o   Attempts to keep cost at $35 -$40

o   Attempts to keep event in local proximity to Pinewild


·        Acts as the fill in or replacement person when the Play Day Chairman is not available.


·        Spearheads recruiting process for new PMGA board member candidates.  Handles all communication for notification of candidates to the membership two to three weeks prior to vote or PMGA closing meeting.






·        Maintain the books and records of the PMGA


·        Handle banking duties/ banking relationship


·        Collect dues, event fees, and other collections such as Interclub Away Games, HIO, Blazer and Holly programs. This can involve contacting members directly and requesting they make required payments.


·        Builds & maintains the file of email addresses within Constant Contact as Members join or drop out of PMGA


·        Pay all organizational expenses


·        Works with Play Day chair to negotiate best pricing for Bashes and other PMGA events with Chef at PWCC


·        Prepare monthly reports for the PMGA Board


·        Prepare financial summaries for the PMGA membership to view at the Opener, mid-year Bashes and Closing event.


·        Track event participation and payments for above said events.


·        Provides ongoing recommendations to the PMGA board and President to maintain fiscal responsibility.


·        File Annual Tax return – FORM e-990, or 990EZ (PMGA is registered as a tax exempt organization with an annual filing requirement)






·        Record the minutes at all meetings of the membership and the PMGA Executive Committee.


·        Maintain minutes and supporting papers in a Minutes Book. Publish minutes so that the membership can review.


·        Periodically perform handicap audits of PMGA Play Day postings along with special tournaments such as Blazer and Holly Challenge. Work with and Inform Pro Shop of needed corrections to postings.


·        Refer all required player notifications to the PWCC Handicap Committee Chair which will advise member of infraction or error.


·        Perform other ad hoc activities necessary to support the Executive Committee.






The Tournament & Rules Chairman shall determine and publish a calendar of special tournaments for each upcoming year. He shall form and administer Tournament Committees to conduct special tournaments, obtain Executive Committee approval for tournament budgets, and oversee each Tournament Committee in its conduct of a special tournament. The Tournament & Rules Chairman shall recommend to the Executive Committee Rules of Competition and the System of Awards for special tournaments. The Tournament & Rules Chairman shall decide questions and claims arising from all PMGA competitions.



·        Medal Series Events (10 events)

·        Team Championship (3 day Tournament)

·        Blazer Tournament (April – September)

·        Holly Challenge (April – September)

·        Li’l Abner (one day event)

·        Jack & Jill (one day event)

·        Bring a Guest (one day event) – (with Play Day Chairman)

·        Update & Publish Tournament Descriptions in Locker room

·        Send Tournament Descriptions to Website Administrator

·        Develop a list of volunteers to Chair all tournaments

·        Work with Tournament Chairs throughout the year on all Tournaments

·        Send updated tournament information throughout the year to Publicity Chairman for publication to members and Pinewild Perspective






The Communications Chairman of the PMGA shall be responsible to provide all general communications to the PMGA membership, the Club Manager for the Perspective Newsletter and to the Pilot Newspaper.  He shall also be responsible to control an up-to-date email listing and to update that listing as new information arises.


It is imperative that the Communications Chairman have strong computer skills, including a working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel and the manipulation of files and images.


·        General Emails to Members:


o   Send all Play Day notices, as provided by the Play Day Chairman, to all members plus Sean Desmond at

o   Send all Play Day results, as provided by one of the PMGA scorers, to all members plus Sean Desmond

o   Send notices of Holes-in-One to all members plus Sean Desmond plus Mary Schneider (Website) at

o   Communicate all special announcements to the membership as required by other Directors or by Board decisions in the normal course of PMGA business


·        Pinewild Perspective Newsletter:


o   Solicit information from other Directors for inclusion in the Pinewild Newsletter article

o   Prepare the article using general items of interest such as key Play Day results, PMGA Tournament results, Holes-in-One and other significant events

o   Prepare the article in a Word file using Times New Roman, font size 12.

o   Email the article to Chris Little, normally by the 20th of each month (Chris may sometimes combine months, such as January/February, so it will be necessary to check with him on that schedule)

o   Send to Chris as an email attachment at


·        The Pilot:


o   Summarize the Play Day results into a Word file for transmission to the Pilot

o   Include the Gross Scores, Net Scores and “Close-Ups” – do NOT include Pro Shop credits won

o   Include any Holes-in-One for the week, or since the previous report

o   Use Times New Roman format, font size 12 ONLY

o   Send to Nancy O’Connell as an email attachment at


·        Miscellaneous information:


o   The email file of PMGA members is currently maintained in an Internet communications site provided by Constant Contact – log on information will be provided separately

o   The Constant Contact Organization and Signature information must be updated to reflect the current Communications Chairman’s data

o   Set up the email address on your computer – password will be provided

o   If any emails are sent outside of Constant Contact, DO NOT attach files to them, only cut and paste information into the email or type directly – there simply are too many who cannot deal with attachments

o   Examples of normal Play Day communications will be provided separately

o   Examples of communications to the Pilot will be provided separately

o   Examples of articles for Chris Little will be provided separately

o   Emails currently in Constant Contact should be copied to expedite the process – email examples will be provided





The Play Day chairman is responsible for the planning and development of the PMGA play day schedule. The following tournaments are the responsibility of the Play Day chairman:


·        PMGA Opener

·        March Madness

·        Summer Bash I & II

·        Bag Day

·        Keg Day

·        Holly & Magnolia Ryder Cup Events

·        PMGA Putting Championship

·        PMGA Azalea Par 3 Challenge

·        PMGA Closer.


In discharging his responsibilities the Play Day chairman coordinates and works with the Tournament & Rules Chairman in order to plan and publish Special Tournaments. He also works closely with the Treasurer in the planning of PMGA and Chef Todd on events that include food and beverages paid for by the PMGA.



·        Set up overall schedule for the PMGA play year, including tournaments and special events, (some of this information will be obtained from the Tournament and Rules Chairman). Post the yearly schedule in the locker room and send all board members a copy of the schedules upon their completion.


·        Complete a monthly line-up of the weekly game to be played, the course and tee time, (tee times vary during the winter, shotguns, etc).


·        Work closely with the Pro Shop Staff, especially Sean, in the publishing of game sign-up lists, ( locker room sign up list for the following week should be posted on Weds by the Pro Shop staff upon the removal of the list for the week in play), internet sign-ups and the posting of scores for special tournaments.


·        Every other month, at the beginning of the month, post a copy of the “Game of the Day” schedule for the two upcoming months in the locker room.


·        On the Friday prior to “PMGA Play Day” prepare a “Game of the Day” sheet and send it to the Communications chairman to Email to the membership.


·        The Play Day Chairman is responsible for calling off the PMGA play day due to inclement weather. Coordinate and work closely with the Pro Shop staff in order to ascertain weather conditions. If play has started and the game has to be called off make sure all players in the field are notified of the cancellation and that their money is refunded to their accounts. If the Play Day Chairman will not be present on Play Day, this responsibility shall be delegated first to the Vice President then to any other board member available.


·        Post sign when play is “Lift, Clean and Place” (L, C & P) – always when it is cart path only for all 18 holes.


·        Post sign in the locker room when games are to be posted as “Tournament Score” (Medal Series and Qualifying rounds).


·        Coordinate Sign ups and make banners for special events, (Opener, Summer Bash I & II, Closer, Bag Day and Keg Day). Send the Communications chairman “Save the Date” notices, for upcoming major events, to be Email to the membership.


·        For the Opener, Summer Bashes and Closer, use sign-up sheet in the locker room, or electronic sign up if available and the field can be monitored to determine first come first served basis. Locker room sign up has been necessary due to the fact that the field could get full and it is presented on a first come, first served basis.


·        For the Opener, Bashes and Closer, have the pro shop staff give you a copy of the line up and realign the teams in order to have equitable handicap numbers on all groups. I.E. each team should have a gold tee player and the total handicap numbers should not vary widely. This makes the game more enjoyable and any group is able to win.


·        On Bag Day, make sure that if the board approves drinks for the players Sean is notified and assists the Play Day Chairman by loaning one of the drink carts in order to be placed at one of the holes with ice and beverages. Also use a large cooler, fill it and place at a different hole. Ice can be obtained from the clubhouse. Ask Sean to post the individual scores at the end of the game.


·        On Keg Day work with Chef Todd in order to have a reasonably priced menu for the day. The PMGA will only pay for the beer, soda(reg. & diet), tea and lemonade. Ask Sean to post the scores at the end of the game on the windows to keep members around for the final results.