Once a member has completed sign-up on-line, the member must call or visit the Golf Shop to have his name removed.  The Golf Shop staff will provide the scorers with the Master List showing cancellations and the date called.  This will be forwarded to the member of the Executive Board responsible for enforcing the policy.

Members are asked to cancel only under emergency circumstances.  Members who determine they must cancel should call the Golf Shop (295-5145) as soon as possible, but not later than 4 p.m. on the day before play.  If an emergency arises on day of play, please call the Golf Shop if at all possible.


Excessive Cancellations Policy

-All cancellations after 12:00 AM on Wednesday before the play day will be carefully logged and tracked on an individual basis.

-If there are two (2) late cancellations within a four week period, the member will receive a letter from the Executive Committee reminding member of our policy and future penalties

-Should the excessive late cancellations (2 in a 4 week period) continue, the member will receive a second letter from the Executive Committee informing the member of a one month suspension of PMGA play.

-Members who cancel more than 2 times in any 4 week period after having already been suspended once will forfeit membership in the PMGA for the remainder of the calendar year.

-When an event is cancelled or a large number of cancellations is received due to sudden weather changes, cancellations will not be logged.

-Should a member have an unavoidable cancellation, the PMGA Executive Committee will consider appeals.  Such appeals shall be made in writing or email to our Play Day Chairman.  Late cancellations can be excused by the Executive Committee.

No Show Policy

-Members who fail to cancel and subsequently fail to appear for their assigned tee time are No Shows.  No Shows have an extremely disruptive impact on all aspects of PMGA play and demonstrate a lack of regard for fellow members.

-A verified No Show will receive a letter from the Executive Committee reminding the member of the seriousness of his actions and request cooperation and consideration in the future.  Should a second verified No Show occur, the member will be suspended from PMGA play for a period of 4 weeks.

-A third verified No Show violation will result in the forfeiture of the member’s PMGA membership, for the remainder of the calendar year. The Executive Committee can excuse a No Show occurrence if the member states in writing (letter or email to the Tournament Chairman) that the absence was unavoidable and will reasonably not happen again.


Away Game Policies and Procedures

Signup – To guarantee that your name will be included on the roster provided to the golf course:

-Sign up on the sheet provided on the bulletin board in the locker room (or via web sign-up, if available) at least one week before the event.

-Put your entry fee in the PMGA BOX in the locker room at least one week before the event.

Refund – To guarantee that you will receive a refund, you must remove your name from the signup sheet at least one week before the event.

Weather – If the event is cancelled due to inclement weather, we will endeavor to receive a full refund from the course.  If we receive a full refund, your checks will be destroyed by the Treasurer. If you would like your check returned to you, then you must contact the Treasurer. There may be times when we will have to go eat lunch because the course could not cancel the food preparations and therefore will not be refunding  the food portion of our fee. In those circumstances, we will arrange with the club to receive a rain check for each player for the golf and cart. Therefore, your check will be deposited in the PMGA account like usual.

Unusual Circumstances – In the event of any unusual circumstances, the PMGA Executive Committee will attempt to resolve the problem for the benefit of the member, if at all possible.