Coordination with Handicap Committee

The Pinewild Country Club Handicap Committee has published a booklet available to each member of the Club that contains valuable information about the USGA Handicap Index implemented at Pinewild.  PMGA supports the policies of the Handicap Committee and recommends that PMGA members familiarize themselves with the booklet, titled “USGA Handicap Index Procedures of Pinewild Country Club of Pinehurst”. The club includes this booklet in their New Members Packet. The following topics are summarized from that booklet.


Maintaining a Handicap Index / Posting Scores

To play any PMGA event you must have a USGA handicap index.  A provisional handicap index will be issued after a player posts five scores (scores from other clubs will be accepted when submitted to the Golf Shop by that club).  The maximum allowable handicap is 36.

Prompt posting of correct scores including any required Equitable Stroke Control adjustment for all rounds of golf played according to the principles of the USGA Rules of Golf is important within PMGA.  Pairings for weekday play are based on players’ USGA handicap index for the course being played.  Scores made in events designated “Tournament” should be entered as Tournament Round (T) when posted.


Equitable Stroke Control

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is the USGA procedure for reducing the score posted for handicap purposes by a player on any hole to a score representative of the usual “worst case” score that player should make. ESC applies only to calculation of USGA Handicap Indexes.

ESC varies by handicap level.  Players with course handicaps up to 9 may post a score not exceeding double bogey on any hole; players with course handicaps of 10 to 19 may post a score not exceeding 7; players with course handicaps of 20 to 29 may post a score not exceeding 8; players with course handicaps of 30 to 39 may post a score not exceeding 9.  ESC does not mean that, while playing, the player should automatically “pick up” after reaching his ESC stroke limit.  Rather, the golfer should adjust his score after playing and prior to posting for any strokes which exceed his Equitable Stroke Control limit.


Maximum Score of 9

Maximum score of 9 during PMGA play: To help speed up play, the maximum number of strokes on any given hole will be nine (9).  The player who find himself in such a position may “pick up” if not holed out in 8 shots and ENTER A SCORE OF 9 ON THE CARD for the hole.  No “x” will be required on the card, and the player will still be in the running for possible low gross or net prizes.  WHEN POSTING THE SCORE, the Equitable Stroke Control rule is still in effect, based on handicap, as always.  If you have any questions please contact any member of the PMGA board.



Competition Tees for all PMGA Programs


HYBRID AND GOLD TEE POLICY … The Advisory Board and PMGA Board have implemented the following guidelines:

1.    All male golfers will register with the pro-shop declaring their primary tee selection at the beginning of each year. This selection should be the set of tees normally played.  This tee selection will be used for PMGA events (Exceptions may be made per event by the committee). If no notification is received, the member will default to the tees they were signed up for the previous year (White, Gold or Hybrid).  Any golfer wishing to change his status must do so in writing to the pro-shop. The pro-shop will maintain a copy of all written requests to change tees.

2.    A second request to change within the same calendar year must be submitted to the pro shop and must be approved by the Advisory Board President and Handicap Chairperson. No changes will be granted after any event/tournament sign-up period has started. It should be understood that changing tees several times within a season will be extremely unusual; we believe that medical issues may create a need to move forward to enjoy the game.


Difference between White, Hybrid and Gold tees:

Holly Course Rating

White tees = +3

Hybrid tees = +1

Gold tees = 0

Magnolia Course Rating

White tees = +4

Hybrid tees = +2

Gold tees = 0


The PMGA Executive Committee approved the inclusion of Red Tee players under the following conditions:
1. In Team Play (ABCD) events, Red Tee Designated Players will be allowed to play from the red tees.The player’s handicap will be adjusted accordingly.
2. In Peer Play events any designated Red Tee Player will move to the Gold Tees and his handicap will be adjusted accordingly. Should any Red Team Player opt to play from the red tees, then he will not be a participant in the money game nor eligible for any of the cash awards.
3. In tournaments sponsored by PMGA there will be No Red Tee participation and any player who has a Red Tee designation shall play from the Gold Tees and his handicap shall be adjusted accordingly.
4. In tournaments not sponsored by the PMGA nor operated under its jurisdiction any Red Tee participation and rules therefore shall be established by the Pinewild Country Club’s Pro Shop.


 PMGA Handicap Audit Procedures

Audit Preparation

1.   Collect scorecards for the date you are auditing from the PMGA box in the locker room.

2.   Allow 5 days from the event date to allow time for internet-posted scores to arrive  Use a Rounds Played By Date Report as your audit source – either ask the pro shop to run and print a copy of the report for the event date or get a copy from the Pinewild CC web site. (Log in to Pinewild CC, choose the “Handicap Reports” tab then “scores Posted by Date” option at the top right column; choose “men’s 18 hole” as the desired report{remove check marks from all other boxes} then enter the event play date as the”start” date and the “end” date.)

3.   Check all scores posted in the report during PMGA play days against the scorecards ensuring ESC-adjusted scores are posted correctly and “normal” play day scores are not entered as “T” scores.

4.   Ensure Medal Series rounds are posted as “T” scores for members participating in the Medal Series.  The Medal Series Chairperson will provide a roster of MSP participants.

5.   Make a list of discrepancies (improper score, no scores posted, scores posted {or not} as “T”), provide it to the pro shop, and ask that corrections be entered.   Send a”courtesy copy” for the Handicap Committee Chairperson.