Magnolia and Holly Courses


Rules of Play


USGA Rules of Golf and Etiquette shall apply, except as amended by the following Local Rules established for this event:


Rules Committee: President, Vice President, Play Day Chairman, Tournament and Rules Chairman

Maximum score of 9 during PMGA play: 


To help speed up play, the maximum number of strokes on any given hole will be nine (9).  The player who finds himself in such a position may “pick up” if not holed out in 8 shots and ENTER A SCORE OF 9 ON THE CARD for the hole.  No “x” will be required on the card, and the player will still be in the running for possible low gross or net prizes.  WHEN POSTING THE SCORE, the Equitable Stroke Control rule is still in effect, based on handicap, as always.  If you have any questions please contact any member of the PMGA board.


Notice to Competitors


Format:   As indicated on the scorecards. A second scorecard should be kept to verify the official scorecard.


Handicap:   Players will use 100% of their USGA handicaps


Tees:  Generally play is from the white, hrbrid and gold tees. PMGA members can register to play from white or gold tees.  See “PMGA Handicap Policy


Rules Decision:  Only members of the Rules Committee are authorized to make a rules decision. If in doubt as to procedure and a rules committee member is not present, play a second ball under USGA Rule 3-3 and ask for a ruling when the respective round is complete.


Flags:  Yellow=Back, White=Center, Red=Front


Putts:   All contestants must play each hole out completely; hole all putts


Ties:   Will be decided by the recommended USGA scorecard playoff


Please return signed and attested scorecard to the locker room.




For Local Rules Governing Play,  click on the following link: