Revised: October 29th, 2019

Revised:  December 5th, 2017

Adopted:  November 3. 1998



The name of this organization shall be the Pinewild Women’s Golf Association (PWGA), located at: Pinewild Country Club, Pinehurst, NC 28374



The purpose of the Pinewild Women’s Golf Association shall be to promote good golf and friendship among the women of Pinewild Country Club.



Section I – Membership

a)     Any woman who is at least eighteen years old and is a full or social member in good standing of Pinewild Country Club is eligible for membership upon payment of dues.

b)     An established Pinewild handicap or one from an accredited course is necessary to compete in Association events.

Section II – Meetings

Membership Business Meetings will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised Edition.

a)     Regular Business Meetings shall be held in the spring and fall.

1)     The Spring Meeting, held prior to commencement of regular season play, shall be for the purpose of presenting plans for the current season and transacting other business that may arise.

2)     The Fall Meeting shall be for the purpose of electing officers, giving reports, presenting awards, and transacting other business that may arise.

b)     Special Open Meetings may be called at the discretion of the president or executive board or at the written request of   at least 20% of the general membership. An agenda shall be posted at least ten days in advance of the special meeting.  These meetings shall be open to additional items of new business from the floor.

Section III – Quorum

One-quarter of the membership shall constitute a quorum.  A majority of the executive board shall constitute a quorum at a board meeting.



The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an elected slate of officers, which shall be known as the Board of Directors consisting of: President, Vice-President/President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Tournament Director(s), Tournament Director Elect(s), Social Director and (2) Members-at-Large.  The immediate Past President may, at the request of the

President, serve in an advisory capacity, without a vote, for one year.


Section I – Board Responsibilities

a)     Administer standing rules for operation of the Association.

b)     Prepare an annual budget, which will be subject to membership approval; provide for an audit of Treasurer’s books every two years or at the change in the Treasurer.

c)     Appoint a Nominating Committee of at least seven members from the general membership at least forty-five (45) days prior to the Fall Meeting.

d)     Meet at least three times a year.


Section II – Duties of Officers

a)     President

1)     Shall preside at all meetings of the Association.

2)     Shall be authorized to perform the duties of the Treasurer as required.

3)     Shall appoint the Chairwomen of all Standing Committees.

4)     Shall designate dates for Association Business Meetings.

5)     Shall serve as ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

b)     Vice President/ President Elect

1)     In the absence of the President, shall perform the duties of that office.

2)     Shall publish the annual PWGA Handbook and up-to-date Membership lists.

3)     Shall serve the second of her two-year term in the office of President.

c)     Secretary

1)     Shall keep all records of meetings of the Association and handle correspondence.

2)     Shall publish to the membership all standing rules and any proposed changes thereto.

d)     Treasurer

1)     Shall collect and discharge funds as directed by the Association.

2)     Shall keep financial records belonging to the Association, which shall be open to inspection.

3)     Shall present itemized financial reports.

4)     Shall maintain Association bank accounts and sign all checks and drafts.

e)     Tournament Director(s)

1)     Shall work with Tournament Director(s) Elect and other volunteers to schedule PWGA tournament events.

2)     Shall establish and monitor a system to award prizes or points.

3)     Shall be responsible for decisions concerning questions or claims arising in PWGA tournaments.  USGA rules shall apply as modified by standing rules or local rules.

4)     Shall maintain records of all PWGA tournament events.

f)     Tournament Director(s) Elect

1)     Shall work with Tournament Director(s) to schedule PWGA tournament events and assist the Tournament Director(s) in all their duties.

2)     Shall serve the second of their two-year term in the office of Tournament Director(s).

g)     Social Director

1)     Shall arrange and conduct all social activities of the Association.

h)     Members-at-Large

1)     Shall act as liaison between the general membership and the Board of Directors.

2)     One Member-at-Large shall serve as Liaison to the Nine-Hole Ladies’ League.

3)     One Member-at Large shall serve as coordinator of New Member activities.

4)     Shall lend assistance to all other committees as requested.



Section 1 – Responsibilities

Each Committee Chairwoman shall submit a written report to the President by the Fall Meeting of each year.

Section II – Standing Committees

a)     Handicap Committee

1)     Shall oversee that each member is properly adjusting and turning in every 18-hole score for posting.

2)     Shall assist new members in establishing their handicaps.

b)     Publicity Committee

1)     Shall furnish information to the Press regarding all affairs or events.

c)     Inter-club Committee

1)     Shall arrange and conduct all inter-club play activities of the Association.

Section III – Special Committees

The President may create as many special committees as she deems necessary to the interests of the Association.



Section I – The Nominating Committee

Shall post, three weeks prior to the election, the names of at least one (1) candidate, who has signified a willingness to serve, for each office to be filled.

Section II – Additional Nominations

a)     Additional candidates may volunteer to serve by contacting the Nominating Committee up until one week prior to the election.

b)     Additional nominations may also be made from the floor at the Fall Meeting.

Section III – Terms

a)     In the Fall Election of 1999,all positions for Board of Directors will be elected.  In that year, elections will be for the following term(s):

President…1 year

Vice President/President Elect…2 years

(second year as President)

Secretary…1 year

Treasurer…2 years

Tournament Director(s)…1 year

Tournament Director(s) Elect…2 years

(second year as Tournament Director(s))

Social Director…2 years

Members-at-Large(2)…1 year

b)     The positions of Vice-President and Tournament Director(s) Elect will be elected every year.  Those people will be expected to serve for two years, with the second year being as President and Tournament Director(s) respectively.

c)     Beginning in the elections of the year 2000,and in all even numbered years thereafter, the positions of Secretary and 2 Members-at Large will be elected for two year terms.

d)     Beginning in the year 2001, and in all odd-numbered years thereafter, the positions of Treasurer and Social Director will be elected for two-year terms.

e)     Elected officers will assume their duties upon election.  A member may serve consecutive years on the Board of Directors, but may not serve more than two consecutive years at the same time.

Section IV – Voting

Voting shall be by ballot unless there is only a single candidate for each office, in which case, voting can be accomplished by a vocal vote.

Section V – Board Member Vacancy

a)     In the event of a vacancy in the office of the President during her term, the Vice-President/President Elect shall assume the office of President, completing that year as well as the second year of her own term as President.

b)     In the event of a vacancy in the office of Tournament Director(s) during her term, the Tournament Director(s) Elect shall assume the office of Tournament Director(s), completing that year as well as the second year of her own term as Tournament Director(s).

c)     In the event of a vacancy in any other Board office, the Board of Directors shall appoint a member to fill the office for the unexpired term.

d)     In the event that the Vice-President / President Elect informs the Nominating Committee that she is unable to serve the second year of her two-year term, a Special Election for President would be held at the same time as that year’s regular Fall Election.

e)     In the event that the Tournament Director(s) Elect informs the Nominating Committee that she is unable to serve the second year of her two-year term, a Special Election for Tournament Director(s) would be held at the same time as that year’s regular Fall Election.



Provisions of these By-Laws may be amended by an online vote of the Membership. If one-third of the online votes are negative, the Board will call a Special Meeting at least fourteen [14] days prior to the meeting for a discussion of the proposed change where a new vote will be taken.