Summary of adopted PWGA policies
Date Issue Background Action Required
10/2016  Sunshine/Memorial Policy Acknowledgement of the passing of current or former members of the PWGA should be in the form of a card. The cards will be sent by the current Sunshine Chair. Acknowledgements should include (but not limited to) death of member’s spouse, member’s illness, and member’s surgical procedures.
8/2016 Publication of Pinetop, Tar Heel
and Interclub I& II results
Chairs of these committees are reminded to post participants and results of these events. The Vice-President will publish the results electronically.
6/2016 Participation in Jack & Jill and
For 2017 and on, any male member of Pinewild who has a GHIN number will be invited to participate in these events. Participants do not have to be member of PMGA.
4/2016 PWGA Dues Any new member to Pinewild, who joins the PWGA after July 1st of the calendar year, will pay $25 of the required $50 dues. If the person has been a previous member of the PWGA, she will be charged the FULL dues regardless of when she joins.
4/2016 Magnolia Challenge Eliminated the Magnolia Challenge for 2017 and kept the Holly Challenge.
3/2016  Solheim Dates 2016 There existed a conflict of dates for the 2016 Solheim Cup with Interclub. After all options were presented and discussed, the decision for this year was to drop Monday, September 26 from the event and change Solheim 2016 to a two-day event which will be competed on September 27 and 29. The format for the now two-day event is still to be decided by Chris Novak, Tournament Chair. This change is for 2016 only, the Solheim will return to a three-day event in 2017.
3/2016  Participation Points The membership approved and adopted the following: If you are a member of a team that wins game points then you will not receive a participation point. Only players who do not win receive a participation point that day.
1/2016  PWGA Minutes After each board meeting approved minutes will be posted on the PPOA website in the PWGA drop down. Hard copies will no longer be available in the locker room.
2015 Member-Guest Schedules In 2016, the PWGA will host a two day member/guest with the PWGA member to ask as many as three guests. In 2017 the member/guest will be a one day event with PWGA members asking one guest. This rotational schedule will be followed until changed by the Board. The cost of the two day will be $125 per player and the cost for the one day will be $150 per team. Participants may form their own foursomes.
12/2015  PWGA Website info It will be the sole responsibility of the PWGA Vice-President to liaison between the league and the PPOA website manager (Mary Schneider).
9/2015  Sadie Hawkins Participants must be PWGA members who may inviteanyone here in Pinewild.
9/2015  Jack & Jill will now be hosted on a yearly basis by thePWGA.
9/2015  Informal Guest Days eliminated from PWGA calendar.
9/2015  Away Games eliminated from PWGA calendar
2/2015  Ace of the Day eliminated
2/2015  Queen of the Hill eliminated
2/2015  Most Improved updated To be awarded “Most Improved”, a member needs to play eight (8) play days and one (1) play day “tournament round” during the PWGA Season.
8/9/2011 Interclub II Trophy Funding The PWGA Board voted to contribute to the cost of the trophy and engraving (if won by the PWGA Interclub II team).
8/9/2011 Who Can Award PWGA Points? POLICY: The Tournament Directors make the notification for weekly play day results and the Co-Chairs of the Holly-Pines Event make the notification for their Event.
6/28/2011 Consolidation of Donations Donations for “Pinewild Family” members (Ii.e. injuries, weddings, departures) will be consolidated with donations from the PMGA and the Nine-Hole Ladies league.
6/28/2011 Eight Stroke Rule POLICY: For all tournament, but not events, the PWGA will follow the USGA policy – a greater than 8-stroke difference between partners in a four-ball event will result in a reduction of 10% for both players’ handicaps.
5/17/2011 NC State Play Day Tie Breaker POLICY: Ties willb e broken by a match of cards rather than by a course play off.
5/17/2011 Dues for Women’s Eastern Golf Assoc. (WEGA) The board decided not to pay/join this association as few, if any, of our PWGA members participate in these events.
2/22/2011 Blind Draw Policy POLICY: this policy applies for both tournament and regular play days: 1) a member selected as a Blind Draw will receive no points and their name will not be published and 2) selection of a potential “blind draw” candidate will come from participants having a handicap closest to the person they are replacing.
1/18/2011 PWGA File Retention POLICY: The PWGA File Retention Schedule will be: Five years for PWGA Presiden’st and Tournament Directors’ Binders; Seven years for Treasurer’s records and life of the organization for PWGA Minutes & guest and publicity memorabilia.
1/18/2011 Maximum Solheim Cup Registration POLICY: Registration will be limited only by the maximum course availability rather than the previous 64.
12/7/2010 Rudeness Rule POLICY: If a player misses her assigned Tuesday play day tee time (with the exception of an emergency), and she does not notify someone in her group, she will incur a one point deduction from her accrued points total.
6/29/2010 2011 Nominating Committee At least 7 members, at least 45 days prior to fall meeting, nominations must be posted NLT October 23, 2010 YES, NLT 10/23
6/8/2010 PWGA Coordinates 9-Hole/18-Hole Scramble in 2011
6/8/2010 PMGA will run Jack & Jill in 2011
6/8/2010 Move Think Pink in 2011 YES
6/8/2010 By-Law Review & Update YES
5/18/2010 PWGA Participation Points NO CHANGE: Participation points are awarded for normal Tuesday gamedays, They are not awarded for any special tournaments, such as the Magnolia Challenge, Jack & Jill, Lil Abner, Sadie Hawkins, member-guest rounds, and Solheim.
5/18/2010 Maximum number of strokes on any hole in an event The board declined to apply a new policy of the PMGA which allows a member in an event to take a maximum of nine strokes on any hole and still compete for low gross/low new prizes.
5/18/2010 Co-chair “carry over” NEW: Co-chairs of the various PWGA events would “carry over” one of the chairs to a second year to give continuity to the event.
5/18/2010 Tournament Information Summary Sheet (FORM) NEW: A new tournament information summary sheet will be used by all committees in preparing for a tournament.
5/18/2010 Deviation from assigned budget NEW: YES
5/18/2010 Refund of event fees in cases of cancellation after the posted deadline. NEW: If a member has to cancel after the posted deadline AND there is a replacement(s) on the wait list who could fill the field, the member who is canceling would be refunded their money.
2/23/2010 PWGA Membership Renewal NEW: Will focus PWGA membership renewal at the Closing Luncheon in December.
2/23/2010 PWGA Involvement in non-PWGA Tournaments NEW: The PWGA should not be involved in non-PWGA tournaments that are fund raisers for specific organizations/groups
2/23/2010 Tournament Report Form (FORM) NEW: This form was designed to assist committee chairs in the development of their report for the Board.
1/18/2010 Hole-In-One Policy The Hole-in-One Club is strictly for the Magnolia and Holly courses. It is official regardless of how many holes are being played.
1/18/2010 Birdies, Ringers, Chip-ins POLICY CHANGE: B, R, CI’s can be recorded for the Magnolia Challenge, Holly vs Pines, and the Solheim tournaments but ONLY when a player is playing her own ball. Instruction sheets should specify when B/R/CI are counted.
1/1/8/2010 Expense Vouchers Vouchers for all events should be turned into the Treasurer
1/18/2010 Canceling from an Event The player must cross of their name AND notify the coordinator of the event
1/18/2010 Sign-up for a friend If a member is away, they are allowed to assign someone to fill their name on the sheet.
1/18/2010 Events Calendar (FORM) NEW: 1-page summary of PWGA year-at-a-glance
1/18/2010 Event Directors (Chairwomen) 1. Event Directors are expected to be at any board meeting prior to their tournament. 2. After each tournament, it is mandatory that the chairperson write a detailed report of the tournament.
1/18/2010 Tournament/Events Sign-Up in Ink NEW: all sign-up sheets for tournaments and events must be done in ink, including Pinetops.
11/3/2009 Number of Flights for Ringers POLICY: How many flights are paid for Ringer Points and how many winners in each flight? It was voted to have six flights per course and one prize awarded per flight per course this year.
11/3/2009 Can a Scramble be Handicapped? There was much back and forth discussion about why and how the handicaps were eliminated for the Scramble. Anne Mason, one of the Solheim Committee Chairpersons, had spoken to our Pro, Sean, about using handicaps for the Scramble and she was told the USGA does not recognize Scrambles having a handicap. YES
11/3/2009 Handicap Verification and Disciplinary Action There are many USGA rules about someone who does not post their scores honestly but there is very little appropriate action that is allowed to stop it from happening. The Handicap Committee is permitted to give the player a handicap for one year and continue to look closely at their score cards.
3/3/2009 Queen of the Hill Queen of the Hill was eliminated for the year in 2009. The Queen of the Hill plaque is now kept with the Publicity Chairs.
12/2/2008 Tournament Entry Fees POLICY: The tournament chair is to go to the PWGA Board for approval if they want to change the entry fee for their event.
11/11/2008 Defining “Guests” at Member/Guest POLICY: “Guests” may be non-PWGA members who live in Pinewild
7/1/2008 No Show for PWGA events If a member needs to cancel, they must call the clubhouse and at least one person in their foursome.
7/1/2008 “Members” vs “Guests” A committee of current and past Member/Guest chairmen, headed up by Penny Junk and Connie Heimann, was established to come to the Board with a recommendation on the issue of “members” vs “gues, ts”. There are some residents who do not belong to the PWGA and play as “guests” in PWGA events and then as “members” in Club sponsored events. YES
7/1/2008 Responsibility for scoring special events The “official” scoring responsibilities at all special events (I.e. Holly/Pines, Member/Guest, Mag Challenge, etc. is the responsibility of the particular committee and not the tournament directors (TD’s). The TD’s may be asked to assist in the scoring/clarifying scoring rules.
3/4/2008 Point for play system A ballot vote was taken of all PWGA members on the point for play system. This system was established with the intend of increasing participation and providing a wider distribution of points.The results, in a more than two to one favor, were to keep the point for play system in place. 4/17/2007: During the Holly Pines Tournament, the winning team participants were awarded 2 points and the losing team participants were awarded 1 point.
12/4/2007 Vice President is the Communications Chair NEW POLICY: The Board voted to extend the duties of the VP to include those of communications chair.
10/18/2007 ???Solheim pairings should not have more than a 15 stroke difference
7/24/2007 Awarding of Points Points are awarded: 1) on official play days for members completing 18 holes 2) play days where all members can compete 3) not for special tournaments where prizes are planned 4) not for tournaments where members eligible to play are limited (Tarheels, Pinetops, Interclub) YES
7/24/2007 Ace of the Day ?????? This tournament was started by Gail Meyer.
7/24/2007 Queen of the Hill It is acceptable to dedicate a tournament to a player—?????
4/17/2007 Solheim Cup Plaque Noted that there has never been a plaque
4/17/2007 Vote of the Tournament Directors and Tournament Director Elects NEW POLICY: At the 12/1/2005 Board meeting it was unanimously agreed that the 2 Tournament Directors share 1 vote and the 2 Tournament Director Elects share 1 vote. If the two Tournament Directors cannot agree and cast one vote, then they would abstain. If the two Tournament Director Elects cannot agree and cast one vote, then they would abstain.
4/17/2007 Points for Holly Pines The winning team members received 2 points and the losing team members received 2 point
4/17/2007 Scorecard Playoff Guidelines We use the USGA Sequence for tie breakers: 1. Back 9 score, 2. Last six holes score, 3. Last three holes score 4. Last one hole score
3/6/2007 Posting of Tee Times Tee Times will be posted by mid-afternoon Sunday. Always check the website the evening before play day for changes due to late cacellations and sign-ups.
3/6/2007 Lift, clean and place POLICY: Life, clean and place is in effect if the entire course is “cart path only”. Other situations will be individually identified on play days. YES
3/6/2007 Putting Out Put out, unless you are out of the game and there is no individual score game.
3/6/2007 Birdies and Chip Ins Attest all birdies and chip ins
3/6/2007 Drop Zones There are NO drop zones for PWGA play days and tournaments.
1/23/2007 Solheim Cup POLICY: The Solheim Cup will remain a NET tournament with no more than eight teams per flight.
1/23/2007 Qualifications of Most Improved Player 1. Time frame is March 1 to December 1 2. Members need to be a member of the PWGA all season and play at least 40 rounds (including away play).
8/17/2006 Review of Players not Posting Tournament Scores POLICY: Based on USGA guidelines and Pinewild club rules, anyone not posting a tournament score will come under review. That person may become ineligible to play in PWGA and club sponsored tournaments for the remainder of the year.
6/8/2006 Approved Plaques Board purchased two plaques: one for Queen of the Hill and another for Course Records. These will be displayed in the Ladies Locker Room Along with the Most Improved Player and the NC Play Day plaques.
3/28/3006 PWGA Recognition Plaques POLICY: Use the PWGA board for recognition plaques: Queen of the Hill, Most Improved, NC Play Day, and Course Record (low gross)–this plaque will have three columns, one for each course.
3/28/2006 Course Record Guidelines POLICY: the course record will start with the lowest gross score following these guidelines: 1) a member of the PWGA achieves the score 2) score is achieved on a PWGA play day or during PWGA tournament events, a club sponsored tournament, or other tournament events played on our courses (i.e. Pinetop, Tar heel, Interclub) 3) score is verified by the Tournament Director Elect(s) by reviewing scorecards from qualifying events.
3/7/2006 No giving putts on Play Days POLICY: Since it is in conflict with USGA rules, we will not be giving putts on play days that we have a game. The USGA’s position is that if you are playing for points, which have a monetary value, then you must putt out.
2/21/2006 No Solicitation for Prizes for Member/Guest POLICY: We can accept a donation of a product or service to be used as a prize in the PWGA Member/Guest as long as it is NOT solicited. Cash in lieu of a product or service cannot be accepted.
2/21/2006 No hole-in-one-winners POLICY: If there are no hole-in-one winnders, the money will be reverted back to the prize money.
2/21/2006 Maintenance of the PWGA Recognition Plaques POLICY: The Tournament Directors Elect will verify the scores. The Members-at-Large will maintain historical records and keep the various recognition plaques correct.