Section One:           PWGA Board


  1. PWGA Board Meetings


  1. Fiscal Year: January 1 to December 31   Adopted 8/10/2010
  2. The PWGA operates under an annual budget. PWGA books must be audited every two years or at the change in the treasurer. Adopted 8/10/2010
  3. Minutes of each meeting will be posted on the PWGA website. Adopted 1/13/97.
  4. Any board position that is shared by two people share one vote. If the two people sharing a position cannot agree and cast one vote, then they would abstain from voting. Adopted 12/1/2005


  1. Duties of the Board Members


The following listing of duties includes the specific responsibilities set down in the By-Laws (BL) and additional administrative responsibilities set down in the Standing Rules (SR). The composite listing provides a comprehensive account of the responsibilities of each position.


  1. President (1-year term):
  2. Shall preside at all meetings of the Association (BL).
  3. Shall be authorized to perform the duties of the Treasurer as required. (BL)
  4. Shall appoint the Chairwomen of all Standing Committees. (BL)
  5. Shall designate dates for Association Business Meetings. (BL)
  6. Shall serve as ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. (BL)
  7. Schedules all PWGA Board meetings (SR)
  8. Writes the PWGA article for the Perspective (SR).
  9. Attends Pinewild Country Club Advisory Board meetings pertaining to the Golf sub-committee. (SR)


  1. Vice President/President Elect (2-year term, second year as President):
  2. In the absence of the President, shall perform the duties of that office. (BL)
  3. Shall post the PWGA Membership lists on the PWGA website. (BL)
  4. Contacts Chairwomen of Interclub I & II, Pinetop, and Tar Heel for season schedule. (SR)
  5. Post membership list from Treasurer. (SR)
  6. Post updates to Play Day Information. (SR)
  7. Post final Schedule of Events from Tournament Director. (SR)
  8. Shall serve the second of her two-year term in the Office of President. (BL)
  9. Appoints PWGA Committee Chairwomen for the following year. (SR)
  10. Manages all PWGA email communications. (SR)


  1. Secretary (2-year term):
  2. Shall keep all records of meetings of the Association and handle correspondence. (BL)
  3. Shall provide copies of the minutes to Board Members as soon as possible after each meeting. (SR)
  4. Shall post a copy of the minutes to website. (SR) 1/13/97
  5. Shall publish to the membership all standing rules and any proposed changes thereto via the website. (BL)


  1. Treasurer (2-year term):
  2. Shall collect and discharge funds as directed by the Association. (BL)
  3. Shall keep financial records belonging to the Association, which shall be open to inspection. (BL)
  4. Shall present itemized financial reports. (BL)
  5. Shall maintain Association bank accounts and sign all checks and drafts. (BL)
  6. Shall administer PWGA Hole-in-One money. (SR)
  7. Prior to the Closing Business Meeting in December, meets with the President and Vice

President/President-elect, to draft the PWGA budget for the upcoming year. (SR)

  1. Present the annual budget at the Opening Business Meeting in March for membership approval. (BL)
  2. Notifies Board members when there are new PWGA members. (SR)


  1. Tournament Director(s) (1-year term):
  2. Shall work with Tournament Director(s) Elect and other volunteers to schedule PWGA tournament events. (BL)
  3. Shall establish and monitor a system to award prizes or points. (BL)
  4. Shall be responsible for decisions concerning questions or claims arising in PWGA tournaments. USGA rules shall apply as modified by Standing Rules. (BL)
  5. Shall maintain records of all regular Tuesday play days. (SR)
  6. Shall send regular and tournament play day results to the Publicity Chair(s) and the Vice President for publication.
  7. Shall determine the winner of the Most Improved Player award by using the USGA formula. (SR)
  8. Maintains all PWGA recognition plaques (i.e. Most Improved Player, NC Play Day, Course Records, etc.). (SR)
  9. Tournament Directors will have Tuesday’s scorecards in the PWGA lockbox by Saturday of same week for the Handicap Chairperson.


  1. Tournament Director(s) Elect (2-year term, second year as Tournament Director(s)):
  2. Shall work with Tournament Director(s) to schedule PWGA tournament events and assist the Tournament Director(s) in all their duties. (BL)
  3. Shall serve the second of their two-year term in the office of Tournament Director(s). (BL)
  4. Attends Committee meetings for Tournament Director(s) when Tournament Director(s) are unavailable. (SR)
  5. Meets with Club Management to develop and schedule the upcoming year’s tournaments and weekly play calendar. (SR)


  1. Social Director (2-year term):
  2. Shall arrange and conduct all social activities of the Association. (BL)
  3. Arranges both the Opening Business Meeting breakfast in March and the Closing Business Meeting breakfast in December. (SR)
  4. Assists committee chairwomen where needed. (SR)


  1. Members-at-Large (2-year term):
  2. Shall act as liaison between the general membership and the Board of Directors. (BL)
  3. One Member-at-Large shall serve as Liaison to the Pinewild Azalea League (PAL). (BL)
  4. One Member-at-Large shall serve as coordinator of New Member activities. (BL)
  5. Shall lend assistance to all other committees as requested. (BL)


III.          Membership Dues


January 1st through December 31st – Full amount of dues payable.  All members must have dues paid including optional chip-in and hole-in-one monies by January 31st. New Members joining after July 1st of each year can pay 50% of the Annual Fees.


  1. Transfer of Records


All outgoing officers and committee chairwomen shall meet with their counterpart incoming officers and chairwomen as soon as possible after the annual election to transfer all records and reports pertinent to their areas of responsibility. The outgoing and incoming Treasurer and Presidents shall meet together to transfer the financial records and assure that all accounts are current and correct. Adopted 3/3/97.


  1. The President’s Gift shall be no greater than $150.00.


Section Two:           Standing Committees


  1. Special Events Committees:


  1. Whenever possible, one of the co-chairs of each event would “carry over” to a second year to give continuity to the event. Adopted 5/18/2010.
  2. All committees in preparing for a tournament will use the Tournament or Event Planner Form. Adopted 5/18/2010.
  3. Special Events Committees will adhere to the budget they are given by the Board. If additional funding is required, the request must be presented to the Board. Adopted 5/18/2010
  4. Expense Vouchers for all events should be turned into the Treasurer. Adopted 1/18/2010.
  5. If a member has to cancel after the posted deadline from a PWGA sponsored tournament AND there is a replacement(s) on the wait list who could fill the field, the member who is canceling would be refunded their money. Adopted 5/18/2010.
  6. Event directors/chairwomen are expected to attend at least one board meeting prior to their tournament. Adopted 1/18/2010.
  7. After each event, it is mandatory that the chairperson(s) write a detailed report of the event. The chairs will use the Summary Committee Report in the development of their report for the Board. Adopted 1/18/2010 and 2/23/2010.
  8. The “official” scoring responsibilities at all special events (e.g. Holly/Pines, Member/Guest, etc.) are the responsibility of the particular committee and not the tournament directors (TD’s). The TD’s may be asked to assist in the scoring/clarifying scoring rules. Adopted 7/1/2008.
  9. Publicity for Special Events (i.e. sign up posters, email blasts, etc.), other than “Save the Date” notices, can commence one month prior to the event. Adopted 9/21/2010.


  1. Handicap Chairwoman Job Description


  1. Is a member of the Pinewild Country Club (PWCC) Handicap Committee.
  2. Is provided a current, up-to-date listing of all PWGA members and their email  addresses.
  3. Is provided a current, up-to-date listing of the GHIN Numbers of all PWGA members.
  4. Conducts at least one audit of PWGA events/tournaments per month during the official PWGA season.
  5. Audits should include a mix of tournament and event play, as established by the PWGA Board.
  6. Scorecards will be collected from the PWGA Box in the ladies’ locker room no later than the first Saturday after Tuesday play.
  7. Scores are verified through the GHIN system.
  8. Notify, by email, each player that failed to post or had errors in posting.
  9.           Notify, by email, the Head Pro at PWCC (Kyle Kirk) all the corrections required.
  10. Prepare a monthly audit report and submit the report to the Co-Chairs of the PWCC Handicap Committee, Head Pro (Kyle Kirk) and PWGA President all the corrections required.
  11. A player who fails to post on two consecutive audits will be referred to the PWCC Handicap Committee.


Section Three:        PWGA Golf Guidelines  


  1. Golf Year


  1. Formal Tournament Season – March 1stto November 30th
  2. Informal Play Season – December 1stto February 28th


  1. General Guidelines for PWGA Play


  1. There are NO drop zones for PWGA play days and tournaments. Adopted 3/6/2007
  2. Putt out, unless you are out of the game and there is no individual score game. Adopted 3/6/2007
  3. Lift, clean and place is in effect if the entire course is “cart path only”. Other situations will be individually identified on play days. Adopted 3/6/2007.
  4. Tee times will be posted by 2:00 p.m. on Monday. Always check the website the evening before play day for changes due to late cancellations and sign-ups. Adopted 3/6/2007
  5. Scorecard Playoff Guidelines. We use the USGA Sequence for tie breakers: Adopted 4/17/2007
  6. Back 9 score
  7. Last six holes score
  8. Last three holes score
  9. Last one hole score
  10. A minimum of 20 players must complete the round for the game to be valid and points, as well as birdies, ringers and chip-ins to be awarded/recognized. Adopted 3/4/2003.
  11. Use of cell phones during PWGA play is discouraged.
  12. The PWGA may review golf course etiquette with a member if warranted
  13.   At the direction of the PWGA, the Pro Shop is not in the position to honor pairing requests.


III.          PWGA Regular Play


  1. Sign up by noon on Monday.
  2. Pairings will be posted on the Pinewild Golf Club website.
  3. The Pro Shop will handle all pairings, cancellations and changes.
  4. If a PWGA member must cancel after the sign-up sheet has been taken down, the member must contact the Pro Shop and at least one person in the foursome.
  5. Points will be awarded to participants and weekly winners. The summary of points awarded to each PWGA member will be made available at the closing luncheon.
  6.           Twenty Members must sign-up in order to have an official game. If 20 players start the game and inclement weather interferes, then participation points will be awarded to all 20 players. If less than 20 players complete the 18-holes, game points will be awarded at the discretion of the Tournament Directors.


  1. PWGA Tournament Play


  1. Players must be a PWGA member to participate in PWGA events and Additional Tournament Play.
  2. Bi-monthly handicaps will be used.
  3. Forty (40) is the maximum course handicap that will be used for tournaments regardless of actual handicap index.
  4. New members must bring established handicap from prior club, or post five (5) scores in the computer to be eligible for Tuesday tournaments. Adopted 2/6/2001.
  5. If a PWGA member must cancel after the sign-up sheet has been taken down, the member must contact the event coordinator(s).


  1. Score Posting Regulations


  1. In accordance with Pinewild’s Handicap Committee club regulations, all postable scores (home and away) should be posted within 72 hours from date played or upon ones return to Pinewild Country Club.
  2. Failure to post within 72 hours will result in review by the Handicap Committee and the PWGA Board in accordance with procedures established by the Pinewild Handicap Committee.
  3. If frequent incidents of inaccurate score posting occur within the same calendar year, the individual may be declared ineligible for PWCC and PWGA supported tournament play for the remainder of that year (includes Tar Heel, Pinetop, Interclub I & II). Adopted 8/17/2006.
  4. Tar Heel Events
  5. Every PWGA member who participates in a Tar Heel event is responsible for posting her own score.
  6. Equitable stroke control (ESC) should be applied to the score.
  7. Pinetop Events
  8. The Pro Shop posts Pinetop scores.
  9. Equitable stroke control (ESC) should be applied to the score.
  10. Interclub Events
  11. Every PWGA member who participates in an Interclub event is responsible for posting her own score.
  12. The score is posted as a non-tournament round.
  13. For holes not completed, for posting purposes, record the score you “most likely” would have made to complete the hole.  That player’s score for the incomplete hole is the total of strokes (including penalty strokes) actually taken plus the number of additional strokes most likely to be required to complete the hole.


Section Four:           PWGA Awards 


  1. Distribution of Points


  1. Participation Points are awarded to non-winning participants on regular Tuesday play days. They are not awarded for any special tournaments. Adopted 5/18/2010.
  2. Points are:
  3. Awarded on official play days for members completing 18 holes.
  4. Not awarded for special tournaments where prizes are planned.
  5. Not awarded for tournaments where members eligible to play are limited (i.e. Tar Heel, Pinetop, Interclub).


  1. Ringers, Birdies, Chip-Ins (R, B, CI)


  1. R/B/CI are planned at the discretion of the presiding board. Adopted 3/4/2003.
  2. R/B/CI can be recorded for tournaments but ONLY when a player is playing her own ball. Adopted 1/18/2010.
  3. Tournament instruction sheets should specify when R/B/CI count.
  4. All birdies and chip-ins must be attested. Adopted 3/6/2007.
  5. No points, R/B/CI will be awarded if the club closes the course, or the tournament chair(s) decides not to start the game, or less than 20 people finish.
  6. Each member is responsible for recording and attesting her R/B/CI immediately after play.


III.        Hole in One Club


  1. The PWGA Hole-in-One Club will run from January 1 to December 31.
  2. Any member of the PWGA Hole-in-One Club that has a hole-in-one will receive $100 at the time the hole-in-one is accomplished.

At the end of the calendar year the remaining funds in the club will be distributed evenly among those who made a hole-in-one.

  1. A hole-in-one can be made on any day on either the Magnolia or Holly Course, but must be witnessed by at least two people, one of whom may be a spouse.
  2. Hole-in-One money will be collected at the same time as membership dues. There will be an annual fee of $10.00.
  3. The Hole-in-One money will be administered by the treasurer and will not be co-mingled with any other PWGA monies.
  4. Anyone making a hole-in-one is to notify the Publicity Chairperson(s) who will then notify the treasurer. The treasurer will be responsible for disbursing prize money and keeping a list of all members who have a hole-in-one during the year. Adopted 1/6/2004.


  1. Most Improved Player


  1. To qualify for most improved player award(s), a minimum of forty (40) rounds must be played from March through November and the player must have been a PWGA member from the Opening to the Closing meeting.
  2. Rounds played away from Pinewild may be included in the 40 rounds.
  3. To be awarded “MostImproved”, a member needs to play eight (8) play days during the PWGA Season.


Section Five:            Additional Tournament Play


  1. Pinetop Tournaments


  1. Pinetop currently consists of six (6) local clubs which play monthly – April through September.
  2. Players must be members of the PWGA.
  3. Each club may send 12 players who play for points and prizes and 4 alternates who play for prizes only.
  4. If more than 12 players sign up, a lottery is conducted to determine the first 12 players who will play for points and prizes.  The next 4 players will be alternates who will play for prizes, but can substitute and play for points and prizes if one of the original 12 players cancels.   If there are additional golfers, they will be alternates who will play for prizes only as long as the Host Club can accommodate more than 16 golfers.
  5. The Sign-up sheet will be posted approximately 4-6 weeks before the tournament. The list of entrants must be sent to the Host Club 10 days before the playdate.
  6. Checks must be in 18 Hole Lock Box by the due date noted on the Pinetop Invitation.
  7. One week cancellation notice is required to receive a refund of entry fee (date noted on the invitation).
  8. Course handicap is limited to 40 or less.
  9. In case of inclement weather, each club has an Inclement Weather Policy for golf that will be invoked if needed.  All clubs are contacted and the majority must agree to cancel. However, in all cases, lunch will be served (usually at 12:30) and it is encouraged that you attend.  The Host Club has already ordered the food and the cost of lunch is included in the entry fee.


  1. Pinetop Chairwoman


  1. Shall request Pinewild playing date with Club Manager (Chris) in the fall before the calendar for the following year is finalized.
  2. Shall attend Fall and Winter meetings with Officiating Club and obtain all pertinent information regarding all playdates and notify Tournament Chairs as well as Chris to get them on the calendar.
  3. Shall post invitation with times, dates and information regarding the upcoming tournament.
  4. Shall be responsible for submitting appropriate paperwork and fees to the Host Club and Treasurer 10 days before the playdate.
  5. Shall maintain records of tournaments.
  6. Shall coordinate Pinewild tournament with Pro Shop and arrange luncheon.


III.          Inter-Club I & II Team Matches


  1. All PWGA members may participate in Team Play. Current handicap must be 25.0 or less for Interclub I and 30.0 or less for Interclub II.
  2. A minimum of eight rounds must be played/posted on player’s home course(s) in the current year prior to the week before the first team match she plays. Additionally, a minimum of two rounds (at least one on the player’s home course(s) must be played/posted in the four weeks before the week that the Team is chosen.
  3. The eight (8) PWGA members with the lowest indexes of those who sign up indicating availability will comprise the Interclub I team.
  4. The next eight (8) PWGA members with the lowest indexes of those who sign-up indicating availability will comprise the Interclub II team. Adopted 2/2006.


  1. Inter-Club I & II Team Match Chairwomen


  1. Shall obtain tee times and dates for Pinewild match with the Pro Shop a year in advance.
  2. Shall contact the clubs involved and give them Pinewild’s cart cost and tee times.

C            Shall post sign-up sheets for each match three weeks prior to the match. The sign-up sheet will be taken down one week before the match. Once teams have been selected, everyone who   signed up will be notified by email.

  1. Shall maintain records of matches.


  1. Tar Heel Women’s Golf Association


  1. Sign-up sheet will be posted approximately three (3) weeks before the tournament.
  2. You may sign up for a friend. However, a check must accompany the sign-up to be eligible.
  3. Individual play with a maximum USGA 32.9 index.
  4. Tournament fee (including cart fee) will be refunded only if a player notifies the host club of cancellation 72 hours prior to the day of play.
  5. A lottery will be conducted in the event a tournament is oversubscribed.


  1. Tar Heel Chairwoman


  1. Shall request Pinewild playing date with the Head Pro one year in advance.
  2. Shall obtain playing schedule from Officiating Club.
  3. Shall post playing times and dates.
  4. Shall maintain records of tournaments.
  5. Shall collect participants’ fees.
  6. Shall coordinate Pinewild tournament with Pro Shop and arrange luncheon.


The Standing Rules were reviewed and modified in 2018.