Updated Information on WebRes

The booking site can be found at www.pinewildcc.com go to the Members tab Login of member and Password of par72 then go to the Handicap & Tee Times tab, you will then see the bold letters in RED for WebRes which is the link.

PLEASE read the disclaimer that is shown at the beginning of the site…this disclaimer will read as follows…

During the booking process you may receive an error message stating

There are no slots available for the requested date and time

this message may occur for several reasons…

– the course is closed for maintenance or completely booked for a special golf event…

– no tee times are remaining available…

– you have booked more than one tee time [4some or 8some] on a particular day [within 12 hours]…

Any questions…please call the Golf Shop at 910.295.5145 or email golf@pinewildcc.com  


After you have gone through the disclaimer screen, and understand it, you will get to the main screen. One will see that it asks for your username and password…

In the Username box, type your Email address

Your username is your email address supplied to the Club. Please note, the identifying factor that recognizes you as a user is strictly your email address so if the email address we have in the system assigned to you is not correct, you will not be allowed access, please let us know when you change your email address so that we can update the system.

Again, each individual member will need his/her OWN unique email address to access the system.

Next, in the Password box, type the default password, golf

Once you become familiar with this program, please edit your generic password of golf…

Then hit the Submit button or the ENTER key on you computer.

One can change ones password from the generic one of golf , just go to the “tab” at the left side of the page and select the button that says “profile”. Follow directions on how to change your password.

Please note that you can currently only book one foursome or one eight-some per day when you are looking to play [or per 12 hour period] under each separate membership name [or membership email address]

Tee times booked under your profile may be viewed by selecting the button “view details” under the “my reservations” column.

Please also note that through WebRes, a registered FULL Member can book tee times nine [9] days in advance, with booking for the 9th day available at 8:30PM, so for Monday the 10th, one can book for Wednesday the 19th, but only by “logging on” after 8:30PM.

Select the date on which you wish to play

Select the time you wish to play…please note this time defaults to the time when we go “live” for the 9th day…in this case 8:30PM

Select the number of players you will have [one may need to hit the drop-down arrow for the desired number of players]

In the Reservation screen, select which course you would like, or choose All Facilities for choices from both courses

Click Submit

In the Search Results box, you will see the times that are available to book around the time frame you requested in the open circle next to the tee time which you are requesting, left click on the mouse in the circle to request the particular time.

In the Notes box, please type the three remaining names in the foursome of your requested time.

A Tip…once you have the names in the Notes field, highlight the names with your mouse and the left click, then right click on the mouse and hit “copy” that way if your tee time request is denied, the second time will be quicker as you could just simply paste the names to the new tee times notes field

Then click “Book Reservation”

In the Reservations screen, you will see the time that you booked, the date, tee, course and a confirmation number. Please note, you no longer will need to make a copy of your confirmation number; the system will now display that at all times under your Profile screen.

You can also have the Confirmation emailed to other individuals in your group, simply click on the Email space and follow the directions, it will automatically be sent to the email address that you have registered with the system as your confirmation.

If someone else was on the system at the same time you were and was requesting the exact same tee time, you may get a DENIED message, saying that the tee time is no longer available. You will then be sent back to the Reservation Information screen, reenter the field information and request and reserve a different tee time.

To book a tee time for MORE than 4 Golfers

On the Reservation Information screen, just click the drop-down arrow at the Players field, and you will see that you can book for up to 8 players two tee times!

These tee times can only be reserved for tee times after 10:30AM.

When requesting 8 players, Webres will give you tee times that only have an available tee time following the one you request, to accommodate the second group.

Example…if 12:00, 12:10 and 12:20 are OPEN and available, with 12:30 already booked, if you ask for a 12:30, it will give you 12:00 & 12:10 and not 12:20 and the 12:40. It also keeps all the play on the same nine i.e. #1 or #10 tee…it would not give you a 11:30 off #1 and a 11:30 or 11:40 off #10.

Our Local Rules…PLEASE READ

Pinewild Country Club of Pinehurst has Four Local Rules that we will be implementing to work in conjunction with the new system.

1…For every tee time that is booked, it is requested that the person booking the tee time will provide the names of the other three players in the group, or seven players if booking a group of eight, this should be done by including the names in the notes field. The reason for this is to ensure that the staff knows who will be playing in the group, which will help in making the check-in procedure much quicker when the member is utilizing the actual booking.

Please note that in any event, the names of ALL players must be received within 72 hours of the tee time that is actually booked.

If not included in the notes field, the names can be forwarded to the Golf Shop staff in person, via telephone or by the preferred manner of sending an email to ttimes@pinewildcc.com

2…No eight-somes can be booked prior to 10:30am, and therefore in the AM wave of the split tee rotation. If an eight-some is booked in the AM wave, this tee time will be cancelled by Golf Shop staff. This is done so to encourage “groups” to play after the 10:30am timeframe.

3…Each member will be limited to 12 cancelled tee times per year, with a cancelled tee time being charged to the Main Reserver [the person making the original booking]. Please note that ONLY the Main Reserver can cancel the original tee time.

The cancellation policy is designed to ensure that excessive tee times are not booked [horded, gobbled-up, unnecessarily booked] by a “group”, only to be cancelled later and thus reducing the number of tee times available for booking by the membership. If tee times have to be cancelled due to an unforeseen emergency or inclement weather, these particular instances will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

A Cancelled Tee Time is considered a tee time which is cancelled within the 72 hours before the tee was actually to be used.

4…NO SHOWS…each member will be limited to 2 no-shows in a 12 month period. A no-show is considered a tee time that is not utilized by a single golfer in the group for which it was booked [a threesome, twosome or single is OK], and will be charged to the golfer who originally made the tee time.

In the case of excessive tee time cancellations or no-shows, the member involved in the infraction will loose privileges related to being able to utilize the internet booking system for the remainder of the year.