Golf Instruction:  Equipment Reviews

As important as the correct instruction is using the correct equipment. Professional club fitting is available and can be a part of a lesson program. Students can have their entire set of clubs evaluated for correct length, loft, lie, swing weight and grip size. Additionally, a students  swing speed and physical structure can be evaluated to ensure that the equipment utilized fits correctly.

If new equipment is desired, the Pinewild Golf Academy has made accommodations for students to receive the best prices on all major golf company equipment. The Pinewild Academy has fitting capabilities for PXG, Mizuno and Titleist…and more.

New Grips…a perfect time to get those old slick grips off and get a new “grip” on your golf game…all with same day service in many cases… click here for pricing

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Golf Instruction:  Equipment Offerings



PXG has exploded onto the golf equipment scene with their very unique look and exceptionally high quality. Their irons and wedges have an amazing feel and are player friendly as well. Ask Gus Ulrich, PGA [Senior Player of the Year for the last five years in the Carolinas Section]…this is the equipment he trusts his game to. Call today for a PXG fitting…

For over thirty-plus years now, Mizuno has built a reputation for producing the best forged irons in the world, becoming the most popular iron on the PGA Tour.
This recognition is the result of decades of experience developing and designing forged golf clubs.

What makes these clubs stand out from the competition?

Mizuno’s exclusive Grain Flow Forging (TM) process enhance the flow and tightness of the grains in the metal with minimal voids, maximizing the strength of the clubhead without sacrificing the soft feel, and ensuring greater consistency from club to club and set to set. Grain Flow Forging (TM) allows Mizuno to use softer materials than those used by competitors, to offer golfers unparalleled feel on each shot.

This process affords Mizuno the unique ability to produce a forged iron with an extremely large sweet area, and has helped to dispel the myth that forged irons are just for better players.

Titleist has also “stepped-it-up” to another gear, as they are not just focused on the accomplished player, but now have a line of game improvement clubs. These game improvement clubs will help golfers of all abilities….check out their website at

We would be more than welcome to “custom fit” you for the Equipment with the Companies listed above, or others, all which will improve your game…

Call Gus Ulrich, PGA or Kyle Kirk, PGA at the Academy…910.638.0794 or 910.295.5145