A detailed summary of the Pinewild Country Club (PWCC) USGA Handicap Index Procedures was provided to all PWGA members at the opening meeting. Additional copies are available at the Pro Shop. All members are to comply with the procedures listed in the brochure and with the following policy:

In accordance with Pinewild’s Handicap Committee club regulations, all postable scores (home and away) should be posted within 72 hours from date played or upon ones return to Pinewild Country Club.

o Failure to post within 72 hours will result in review by the Handicap Committee and the PWGA Board in accordance with procedures established by the Pinewild Handicap Committee.

o If frequent incidents of inaccurate score posting occur within the same calendar year, the individual may be declared ineligible for PWCC and PWGA supported tournament play for the remainder of that year (includes Tar Heel, Pinetop, Interclub I & II).

PWGA specific events:

Ø For all PWGA sponsored events, every participant is responsible for the accuracy of their individual score that is submitted on the official scorecard and for posting their score. A player who fails to post on two consecutive audits will be referred to the PWCC Handicap Committee.

Ø TAR HEEL Events: every PWGA member who participates in a Tar Heel event is responsible for posting her own score. All Tar Heel events, except the two day tournament, are posted as non-tournament rounds.

Ø PINETOP Events: the Pro Shop posts Pinetop scores.

Ø INTERCLUB Events: every PWGA member who participates in an Interclub event is responsible for posting her own score. The score is posted as a non-tournament round.