Regular Play Days

PWGA Play Days consist of organized play with assigned tee times. A point system is used to determine year-end award amounts. The Hole-in-One money and the Chip-In money will be awarded at the end of the year. PWGA Play Days are on TUESDAYS starting in March and running through November.  During the off-season, there will be no organized games.  The pro shop will usually assign tee times on Tuesdays during the off-season.  You may go on line and register your name for a tee time. Directions are below in internet sign up.

Primarily, we use four types of play formats: 1) Peer Play:  Play is with members of similar handicaps.  Points are awarded within flights for Low Gross and Low Net or for an assigned game for the day.  2)  ABCD: The field is divided into 4 handicap levels and a team consists of one player from each level.  Points are awarded based on team performance in the game of the day.  3) AB and CD where  two A and  two B play together in a foursome and two C and two D play together in a foursome.  Points are awarded in both groups.  4)  Pick a Partner.

Players choose any other PWGA member to be a partner for a Better Ball or Twosome event.

The results of Tuesday play will be sent to all members via email on the following


The maximum handicap used for play days and tournaments is forty (40) regardless of a players established handicap.  To be eligible to play in PWGA, new members must bring an established accredited course handicap which can

be transferred to the Pinewild GHIN handicap system.

Sign-Up Procedures

Sign up for Regular Play Days is done via the internet except for Pinetop which will be posted in advance in the ladies locker room.  An email blast will be sent

out telling you when the sign-up begins for this event.

Internet Sign-up Instructions

This may be done in two ways 1) Clicking on the “Click here to sign up” which will be on the bottom of theTuesday results sent out on Wednesday by the Tournament Director. This will take you to the sign up page and follow the directions below. 2) By accessing the Pinewild Website Home Page and click on members. ( if using a tablet, you may have to click on the tree parallel pars on the top left)  Enter the Login for that page which is  “member” and  the

Password  is “par72”.

*Click on Handicap and Tee Times

*Click on Tournament Schedule and Tee Times

*Click on Sign Up for an Event.

All the PWGA (along with the PMGA dates) are listed.

*Click on “Register”  meaning that you may now register for that event

(Please note the date and that it is PWGA that you are signing up for)

*Enter your User Name (which is your GHIN number without the leading 0) and

then enter your Password (This is the password you set up initially)



The next page will indicate  “ You are currently registered for the following events (click on Event Name to edit your registration if needed)  It will show your name.

Under “Entries” you can click on “View” and you will see your name listed along with other PWGA members who have already listed for that event.

Players must sign up by noon on Monday for a Tuesday play day.  The Pro Shop will handle all pairings, cancellations, and changes.  Tuesdays pairings and tee times will be posted on the website after 2:00PM on Monday.  The Pro Shop can be reached at (910) 295-5145.  Course conditions are available on the Pinewild

Country Club website or by calling (910) 295-0358  Alternates List

If the sign-up has been completed and you failed to sign up, members may request that that the Golf Shop place their name on the Alternates List.  Members who have placed their name the alternate list must call the Pro Shop after approximately  4:15 on the day before play to determine whether they have been assigned a tee time and a pairing.

Check-In Procedures

Each player must check in at the Golf Shop at least 15 minutes prior to her tee time to receive instructions and cards for the days play.  Players should arrive at

the Starter location 10 minutes before the scheduled tee time.

Preprinted Scorecards

Preprinted scorecards are prepared in advance of play tailored to the Game of the Day.  Handicap strokes by hole are marked on the scorecard for each player

(the player’s USGA Handicap for the Course to be played as contained in the

Handicap Computer).  Scorekeepers should take care to correctly apply the Game of the Day format when calculating scores.  You should be given two cards so that two people may keep score and they can be compared at the end of the round.  Please just hand in the official score card.

Completion of the Game

Upon completion of play, players should update Ringer Cards and note any Birdies and/or Chip-Ins on the sheets provided in the ladies locker room.  Leave the signed and attested scored card in the PWGA League section of the unlocked box in the ladies locker room.

Cancellation Policy

Regular Tuesday Play:  If a member must cancel after sign-up has been completed, they must contact the Pro Shop (295-5145) and at least one person in their foursome Membership list.

Inclement Weather

Scheduled PWGA will be canceled prior to the first tee time when the golf course is closed by Management or when, in the judgment of the PWGA Tournament Directors, weather conditions will not permit the field to complete play.  Call the club Information Hot Line  at 295-0358 on the day of play for up to date information.  Course conditions are also available on line at http://  Click member tab, login with login name of member and password of par72 and select course/court  conditions.  If a player or players decide on their own to abandon the round, they will not have an individual score for the prize consideration:  Teams may continue with fewer than four player and post  team score for the prize consideration. Players have the right to cease play when, in their judgment, lightening or severe weather poses a threat. If  20 or more PWGA members finish play, the game will be considered valid and points as will as birdies, ringers, and chip-ins will be awarded.